Frequently Asked Questions

About SARDi : From where do you import your products?

We do not import any products! Some may find it hard to believe, but every product we design and manufacture - we do so in England.

SARDi Products : Can I buy earrings separately from you?
Yes. All of our sets are actually sold on an individual basis. They are conventionally designed as part of a set.

SARDi Products: What size are Sardi products?
The products featured on this site vary greatly in size. We produce all sizes of jewellery - dependant on our customers needs and desires. Please refer to product sizes in most product descriptions.

How can I buy SARDi products?
We also accept payment via cheque and diect money transfer.

Postage and VAT (Sales Tax) is charged accordingly to each customer in addition to the prices stated.

SARDi reserve the right to make amendments to prices at any time.

Postage starts at £4.99 (Unless stated otherwise) per item and includes postage and packaging. Larger items wil require larger packaging and therefore in some instances additional postage will be charged.